Secure FTP

Users can securely access their Network Folders and Web Space by by using Secure FTP. Secure FTP functions in nearly the same way as standard FTP that many are used to. The difference is that CosmosWeb uses encryption to ensure that your username, password, and files are kept safe and private. In order to accomplish this secure connection you will need a special client. You can find directions for using two popular clients (FileZilla and the FireFTP Extension for Firefox) here: Any other FTP client that supports FTP over SSL (FTPS) can also be used as well of course, note that many clients use different words so some will be configured differently FTP over TLS for instance. If you would like further assistance with Secure FTP please visit or call the Help Desk Helpline at (802) 860-2710. Detailed instructions can also be found below in the event that supportwiki is not available.

Secure FTP Connection Instructions for CosmosWeb

Either of these clients will work, choose one of them. If you don't already have Firefox installed we would recommend FileZilla.

To Download FileZilla (Choose the Client Download):

To Download FireFTP:

FileZilla Connection Instructions (Scroll Down Further for FireFTP Instructions)

If you have FileZilla installed, configure your connection to CosmosWeb as follows below.

1) Start FileZilla
2) Click on "File" > "Site Manager..."
3) When the Site Manager appears, click on "New Site".
4) Name the new site "cosmosweb"
5) Enter "" as the "Host"
6) Set the Protocol to "FTP - File Transfer Protocol"
7) Set the Encryption to "Require implicit FTP over TLS"
8) Set the Logon Type to "Ask for Password"
9) Enter your champlain username in the "User" text box.
10) Double check your settings with the screenshot below if you like, and then click "OK"

FileZilla Screenshot 1

Now that FileZilla is configured you can connect by following the instructions below.

1) Click on "File" > "Site Manager..."
2) Click on the new entry we made in previous steps "cosmosweb"
3) Click on "Connect"
4) Enter your password and then click on "OK"
5) On the "Unknown Certificate" message check the box for "Always trust certificate in future sessions."
6) Click OK.

You should now be connected to CosmosWeb for secure FTP transfer with filezilla.

FireFTP Connection Instructions

If you have FireFTP installed, configure your connection to CosmosWeb as follows below.

1) Open Firefox
2) Click on "Firefox" in the top left and then hover over "Web Developer". When the additional menu appears to the side, click on "FireFTP"
3) Click on the area that says "Create an account..."
4) The account manager will appear, fill it out as follows.
5) Enter "cosmosweb" for "Account Name"
6) Enter "" for "Host"
7) Enter your champlain username for "Login"
8) Click on the "Connection" tab of the "Account Manager"
9) Set "Security" to "Implicit SSL (Good)
10) Change the "Port" to "990"
11) Double check your settings with the screenshots below and then click ok.

FireFTP Screenshot 1

FireFTP Screenshot 2

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